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400-351 Exam Questions & Answers
Vendor: Cisco
Certifications: CCIE Wireless
Exam Code: 400-351
Exam Name: CCIE Wireless Written Exam
Updated: Oct 21, 2019
Q&As: 455


You have a wireless network that authenticates users by using Local WebAuth. Which guest flow feature does LWA


A. RFC 3576

B. self-registration guest portal

C. credentialed guest portal

D. hotspot guest portal with an optional access code

Correct Answer: C

Which protocol allows for IP mobility in-between Data Centers?
Correct Answer: B

Refer to the exhibit. It belongs to a Cisco IOS AP with just one radio. This portion of configuration refers to a multiple
SSID/VLAN configuration. Which statement is correct?

Pass4itsure 400-351 exams questions-q3

Refer to the exhibit. It belongs to a Cisco IOS AP with just one radio. This portion of configuration refers to a multiple
SSID/WLAN configuration. Which statement is correct?
A. The configuration does not allow for non-corporate clients to connect to any SSID Guest traffic.There fore will not
B. \\’mbssid guest-mode\\’ is used to allow broad cat of multiple SSIDs on the radio interface. No other \\’mbssid”
commands are needed to achieve this functionality.
C. The AP must have subinterfaces 80,81,and 82 configured on the Radio 0 and Ethernet interfaces.
D. The SSID “EAP” will allow clients to connect to it using any EAP authentication method such as EAP-TLS.
Correct Answer: C

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Consider the association process of a wireless client to an SSID. Drag and drop the client actions from the left into the
correct order of operation on the right. Left:
802.11 probe request 802.11 association request EAPol key message 2 802.11 authentication request EAP identity
response Right: Step1 ————-Step1 802.11 probe request Step2 ————-Step2 802.11 authentication request
Step3 ————-Step3 802.11 association request Step4 ————-Step4 EAP identity response Step5 ————-Step5
EAPol key message 2

Which two statement about LAG in the Cisco wireless LAN controller running Aire OS 8.0 are true?(choose two)
A. LAG bundles all of the crsco WLC distribution system ports into a single 802.3ad port channel.
B. There can be only one AP-manager interface if LAG is enabled
C. LAG configuration change take effect immediately after they are configured
D. Channel negotiation LACP and PAgP are supported
Correct Answer: AB

You have received a new Cisco 5760 Controller and have gone through the initial startup wizard. You are now trying to
add APs to the controller, but these are not joining. Which three checks should you do next? (Choose three.)
A. Check that the radios are not in a shutdown state.
B. Check the country code of the controller. The APs do not join the controller if the country does not match.
C. Check that the correct time is set on the controller.
D. Check that option 53 has been set in the DHCP scope.
E. Check that the controller has enough AP licenses.
F. Check that the controller has been configured with the correct hostname. Otherwise, resolution fails.
Correct Answer: BCE

Pass4itsure 400-351 exams questions-q5

Pass4itsure 400-351 exams questions-q5-2

which topology is a valid and functional convergence access topology?

5760-AIR-CT5760-25-kg 3850-WS-C3850-48P-s 5508-AIR-CT55098+25-kg 2960-WS-C2960+24TC-S 3650-WSC3650-24TS-L 3702-AIR-cap3702i-A-K9

Pass4itsure 400-351 exams questions-q6

Pass4itsure 400-351 exams questions-q6-2

A. B.

Pass4itsure 400-351 exams questions-q6-3

C. D.
Correct Answer: A

You want to set up Prime Infrastructure to be notified when a device configuration has changed. Which option is
available in Prime Infrastructure 2.2?
A. Set up Prime Infrastructure to send an email containing the change audit report on a regularity scheduled basis.
B. Set up Prime Infrastructure to send an email containing the configuration changes(s) immediately after the
configuration change is detected.
C. Set up Prime Infrastructure to send an email containing the change audit report immediately after the configuration
change is detected.
D. Set up Prime Infrastructure to send an email containing the device configuration change(s) on a regularly scheduled
Correct Answer: A 2/user/guide/pi_ug.pdf

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Which description is correct with regard to the operation of an access point in Rogue Location discovery Protocol
A. The AP uses the existing wireless infrastructure in order to scan for rogue AP\\’s. Once discovered, these rogues are
added to a local list that includes the rogue\\’s BSSIDs, MAC addresses and any discovered security provisions (WPA,
WEP etc)
B. The AP moves to the rogue channel and attempts to connect to the rogue as a client. The AP then tries to obtain an
IP address and forwards a UDP packet to the controller through the rogue. If the controller receives this packet, the
network administrator is notified that a rogue AP has been discovered on the wired network
C. The AP detects a rogue client and then the network administrator is able to contain both the rogue AP and the rogue
clients. This can be achieved because 802.11 deauthentication packets are sent to clients that are associated to rogue
APs so threats such as holes are mitigated
D. The AP determines whether or not a rogue access point is on a trusted network. It does not provide RF service of
any kind but rather receives periodic rogue access point reports from the controller and sniffs all ARP packets. If it finds
a match between an ARP request and a MAC address it receives from the controller. It generates a rogue access point
alert to the controller
Correct Answer: B

You are installing CA controllers that run Cisco ISO-XE and you are ready to implement QoS. Which QoS target level
apply to downstream traffic (toward the client)?
A. Client SSID
B. Client SSID radio
C. Client SSID Radio port
D. Client radio
Correct Answer: C

Which option is a feature of a Cisco Autonormous AP that prevents over-the-air direct P2P communication, which forces
all traffic to hit the first-hop router where security policy is enforced?
A. Wi-Fi Direct Client Policy
B. P2P Secure Packet Public
C. Secure Packet Forwarding
D. P2P Blocking Action
Correct Answer: C Cisco Aironet Access Points 02.JA/1400BR/h_ap_networkif_802-11_c.html Public Secure Packet Forwarding Public Secure Packet Forwarding (PSPF) prevents client devices
associated to an access point from inadvertently sharing files or communicating with other client devices associated to
the access point. It provides Internet access to client devices without providing other capabilities of a LAN. No exchange
of unicast, broadcast, or multicast traffic occurs between protected ports. Choose Enable so that the protected port can
be used for secure mode configuration. PSPF must be set per VLAN. Note: To prevent communication between clients
associated to different access points on your wireless LAN, you must set up protected ports on the switch to which your
access points are connected. Wi-Fi Direct Client Policy | Security and Network Management J Cisco Support
Community Information About the Wi-Fi
Direct Client Policy Devices that are Wi-Fi Direct capable can connect directly to each other quickly and conveniently to
do tasks such as printing, synchronization, and sharing of data. Wi-Fi Direct devices may associate with multiple peer-topeer (P2P) devices and with infrastructure wireless LANs (WLANs) concurrently. You can use the controller to configure
the Wi-Fi Direct Client Policy, on a per WLAN basis, where you can allow or disallow association of Wi-Fi devices with
infrastructure WLANs, or disable Wi-Fi Direct Client Policy altogether for WLANs.
4/configuration/guides/consolidated/b_cg74_CONSOLIDATED/b_cg74_CONSOLIDATED_ chapter_01000011.html

In a VWLAN deployment, what autonomous ISO command should be used to ensure that VWLAN performance is not
adversely impacted by an unexpected channel change resulting from a DFS event triggered by a nearby airport radar
A. ap(config-if)#DFs band 1block
B. ap(config-if)#DFs band 23 block
C. ap(config-if)#DFs band 123 block
D. ap(config-if)#DFs band 13 block
E. ap(config-if)#DFs band 2 block
Correct Answer: B

Which three conditions can trigger a client exclusion policy?(Choose three.)
A. Excessive 802.11 probe request failures
B. Excessive 802.lx authorization failures
C. IP theft or IP reuse
D. Excessive 802.lx authentication failures
E. Excessive 802.11 association failures
F. Excessive 802.11 packet retries
Correct Answer: CDE technote-aireoswlc-00.html


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Refer to the exhibit. Which statement about this CPU ACL is correct?
A. This CPU ACL is used as a redirection aCLto redirect all traffic except Telnet to
B. A user on the network can use Telnet to access the WLC IP address on
C. A user on the network cannot use Telnet to access the WLC IP address on
D. A user on the network cannot use HTTPS to
E. No subnets other than can manage the WLC.
Correct Answer: C
From: wlc.html

Pass4itsure 400-351 exams questions-q13-2

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