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300-208 dumps
Pass4itsure Latest and Most Accurate Cisco 300-208 Dumps Exam Q&As:
Refer to Following: aaa new model tacacs-server host single connection tacas-server key cisco123 Which statement about the authentication protocol used in the configuration is true?
A. Authentication request contains username, encrypted password, NAS IP address, and port.
B. Authentication and authorization requests are sent in a single open connection between the network device and the TACACS+ server

C. Authentication request contains username, password, NAS IP address and port.
D. Authentication and authorization request packets are grouped together in a single packet.
300-208 exam Correct Answer: B
Which two Active Directory authentication methods are supported by Cisco ISE? (Choose two.)
Correct Answer: AB
How frequently does the Profiled Endpoints dashlet refresh data?
A. every 30 seconds
B. every 60 seconds
C. every 2 minutes
D. every 5 minutes
300-208 dumps Correct Answer: B
Which protocol sends authentication and accounting in different requests?
C. EAP-Chaining
Correct Answer: B
Which statement about system time and NTP server configuration with Cisco ISE is true?
A. The system time and NTP server settings can be configured centrally on the Cisco ISE.

B. The system time can be configured centrally on the Cisco ISE, but NTP server settings must be configured individually on each ISE node.
C. NTP server settings can be configured centrally on the Cisco ISE, but the system time must be configured individually on each ISE node.
D. The system time and NTP server settings must be configured individually on each ISE node.
300-208 pdf Correct Answer: D
Which technology performs CoA support Posture Service?
A. External root CA
B. Cisco ACS
C. Cisco ISE
D. Internal root CA
Correct Answer: C
Which three components comprise the Cisco ISE profiler? (Choose three.)
A. the sensor, which contains one or more probes
B. the probe manager
C. a monitoring tool that connects to the Cisco ISE
D. the trigger, which activates ACLs
E. an analyzer, which uses configured policies to evaluate endpoints
F. a remitter tool, which fails over to redundant profilers
300-208 vce Correct Answer: ABE
Which three algorithms should be avoided due to security concerns? (Choose three.)
A. DES for encryption
B. SHA-1 for hashing
C. 1024-bit RSA
D. AES GCM mode for encryption
F. 256-bit Elliptic Curve Diffie-Hellman

G. 2048-bit Diffie-Hellman
Correct Answer: ABC
Which feature must you configure on a switch to allow it to redirect wired endpoints to Cisco ISE?
A. the http secure-server command
B. RADIUS Attribute 29
C. the RADIUS VSA for accounting
300-208 exam Correct Answer: A
Refer to the exhibit.
300-208 dumps
You are troubleshooting RADIUS issues on the network and the debug radius command returns the given output. What is the most likely reason for the failure?
A. An invalid username or password was entered.
B. The RADIUS port is incorrect.
C. The NAD is untrusted by the RADIUS server.
D. The RADIUS server is unreachable.
E. RADIUS shared secret does not match
Correct Answer: A
Which two posture redirect ACLs and remediation DACLs must be pushed from Cisco ISE to a Cisco IOS switch if the endpoint must remediate itself? The ISE IP address is and the IP address of the remediating server is (Choose two.)
A. ip access-l ex ACL-POSTURE-REDIRECT deny udp any any eq domain deny ip any host permit tcp any any eq 80 permit tcp any any eq 443
B. ip access-l ex ACL-POSTURE-REDIRECT deny udp any any eq domain deny ip any host deny ip any host permit tcp any any eq 80permit tcp any any eq 443
C. ip access-l ex ACL-POSTURE-REDIRECT deny udp any any eq domain permit ip any host permit ip any host deny ip any any
D. POSTURE_REMEDIATION DACL permit udp any any eq domain permit tcp any host permit tcp any any eq 80 permit tcp any any eq 443
E. POSTURE_REMEDIATION DACL permit udp any any eq domain deny tcp any host permit tcp any any eq 80 permit tcp any any eq 443 permit ip any host
F. POSTURE_REMEDIATION DACL permit udp any any eq domain deny tcp any host deny ip any host permit tcp any any eq 80 permit tcp any any eq 443
300-208 dumps Correct Answer: BD
When you add a new PSN for guest access services, which two options must be enabled under deployment settings?(Choose two.)
A. Admin
B. Monitoring
C. Policy Service
D. Session Services
E. Profiling
Correct Answer: CD
What are three ways that an SGT can be assigned to network traffic?
A. Manual binding of the IP address to an SGT
B. Manually configured on the switch port
C. Dynamically assigned by the network access device
D. Dynamically assigned by the 802.1X authorization result
E. Manually configured in the NAC agent profile
F. Dynamically assigned by the AnyConnect network access manager
300-208 pdf Correct Answer: ABD

QUESTION  25 In which of the following defines a situation where objectives are more general at the top of an organization and become more specific as one moves down the organization?
A. Hierarchy of objectives.

B. Management By Objectives (MBO).
C. Decision support system.
D. Goal setting.
Answer: A
QUESTION  26 Which of the following methods should a purchasing manager use when evaluating individual employee performance?
A. Performance standards set by the U.S. Department of Labor.
B. The requirements of the job, including position descriptions.
C. Management By Objectives, whether or not the employee helped set the objectives.
D. Uniform company-wide standards of performance developed by the human resources 300-208 vce department.
Answer: B
QUESTION  27 You work as a purchasing manager at Certkiller .com. One of your buyers tends to ignore outstanding purchase orders. This has resulted in numerous complaints from the shop floor asking the buyer to determine order status. Which of the following would be your BEST course of action in this situation?
A. Inform the buyer to set up a system for follow-up.
B. Computerize the purchasing department operations.
C. Allow shop floor personnel to make their own purchases.
D. Inform the buyer that she will be dismissed if she does not improve her performance.
Answer: B

The only Process Group that comprises processes that typically occur from the beginning to the end of the project life cycle is:
A. Planning.
B. Executing,
C. Monitoring and Controlling.
D. Closing.
300-208 exam Correct Answer: C
Organizational theory is a tool used in which Project Human Resource Management process?
A. Manage Project Team
B. Acquire Project Team
C. Develop Project Team
D. Plan Human Resource Management
Correct Answer: D
Which tools or techniques are used in the Plan Schedule Management process?
A. Benchmarking, expert judgment, and analytical techniques
B. Statistical sampling, benchmarking, and meetings
C. Negotiations, pre-assignment, and multi-criteria decision analysis
D. Expert judgment, analytical techniques, and meetings
300-208 dumps 
Correct Answer: D
A project manager is appointed full-time to a project and is given full-time administrative staff and full-time project team members. This situation describes which type of organizational structure?
A. Projectized
B. Weak matrix
C. Functional
D. Balanced matrix
Correct Answer: A
A project charter is an output of which Process Group?
A. Executing
B. Planning
C. Initiating
D. Closing
300-208 pdf 
Correct Answer: C
Which tool or technique is effective in a project in which the deliverable is not a service or result?
A. Inspection
B. Variance analysis
C. Decomposition
D. Product analysis

Correct Answer: D
An element of the project scope statement is:
A. Acceptance criteria.
B. A stakeholder list.
C. A summary budget,
D. High-level risks.
300-208 vce 
Correct Answer: A
Which document describes the necessary information to determine if a project is worth the required investment?
A. Cost baseline
B. Service level agreement
C. Memorandum of understanding
D. Business case
Correct Answer: D
Which process involves monitoring the status of the project to update the project costs and managing changes to the cost baseline?
A. Estimate Costs
B. Control Costs
C. Determine Budget
D. Plan Cost Management
300-208 exam 
Correct Answer: B
Which group is formally chartered and responsible for reviewing, evaluating, approving, delaying, or rejecting changes to the project and for recording and communicating decisions?
A. Project team
B. Focus group
C. Change control board
D. Project stakeholders
Correct Answer: C
Plan Schedule Management is a process in which Knowledge Area?
A. Project Scope Management
B. Project Human Resource Management
C. Project Integration Management
D. Project Time Management
300-208 dumps 
Correct Answer: D
An output of the Validate Scope process is:
A. A requirements traceability matrix.
B. The scope management plan.
C. Work performance reports.
D. Change requests.
Correct Answer: D
The Perform Integrated Change Control process occurs in which Process Group?
A. Initiating
B. Executing
C. Monitoring and Controlling
D. Planning
300-208 pdf 
Correct Answer: C
Which input to the Plan Risk Management process provides information on high-level risks?
A. Project charter
B. Enterprise environmental factors
C. Stakeholder register
D. Organizational process assets
Correct Answer: A
Which input may influence quality assurance work and should be monitored within the context of a system for configuration management?
A. Work performance data
B. Project documents
C. Scope baseline
D. Requirements documentation
300-208 vce 
Correct Answer: B
300-208 dumps

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