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Pass4itsure Latest and Most Accurate Microsoft 70-487 Dumps Exam Q&As:
What is the generic name in the ArchiMate language for the concept of an object on which behavior is performed?
A. Passive structure element
B. Data object
C. Active structure element
D. Passive data object
070-487 exam 
Correct Answer: A
You are building an ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks EAR file that has three HTTP Receiver process starters. The file also has one Process Definition with a Wait for HTTP Request activity. How many HTTP Connection shared resources are required for this project?
A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. 4
Answer: A
A process must handle over one hundred thousand records in a file, one at a time. Then a service must return each record as either found or not found. Lastly, the process must record how many records were found and not found. Which type of variable is most appropriate for this implementation?
A. Job Shared Variable
B. Global Variable
C. Process Variable
D. Shared Variable
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Answer: C

Multiple applications and a TIBCO EMS server are in the same Administrator domain. When using a secondary domain server, which three functions are available? (Choose three.)
A. delete an application
B. create queue or topic
C. delete a queue or topic
D. purge a queue or topic
E. deploy an application
F. undeploy an application
Answer: B,C,D
Click the Exhibit button.
Which two statements are valid about this process? (Choose two.)
A. An otherwise transition should be added to this process for unknown test cases.
B. This process must be restructured because it is not valid to have more than eight transitions.
C. A group placed around the Start and all Map activities can unify the error handling.
D. Because all transitions must be evaluated, there is overhead in the process.
070-487 pdf 
Answer: A,D
You wish to allow a message selector to be changed at runtime. Which JMS activity should you use?
A. Get JMS Queue Message
B. JMS Topic Publisher
C. JMS Queue Sender
D. Reply To JMS Message
Answer: A
What should you use to set multiple fields in an activity to the same date and time when mapping?
A. XPath formula builder
B. a local variable set to the current date and time
C. a $ForEach loop
D. the current system time mapped for each field
E. the current-dateTime function
070-487 vce 
Answer: B
QUESTION 52 Click the Exhibit button. Which tape library component (used to carry data cartridges to a secondary cabinet) is shown on the figure?
controller C.picker
D.cartridge transfer robot
QUESTION 53 Which scheme is used in the command line interface for drive and slot numbers in ESL E-Series tape libraries?
A.0 based
B.1 based
C.2 based
D.Hex based
070-487 exam 
QUESTION 54 Which port number is required when starting a Command View TL session?
QUESTION 55 You are performing a firmware upgrade using Command View TL and a Telnet session terminates it prematurely. What is the most likely outcome?
A.The Telnet session is automatically aborted.
B.Telnet automatically aborts the other session, but the upgrade continues.
C.Command View TL takes precedence and continues the firmware upgrade.
D.The firmware upgrade aborts and the device being upgraded may need physical repair.
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QUESTION 56 What does the cabinet controller assembly of an ESL E-Series tape library provide a SCSI interface to?
A.tape devices
B.library robotics
C.management interface card
D.e2400-160 Interface Controller
QUESTION 57 Which capabilities of a TCP/IP connection are delivered by the Simple Internet Protocol Plus (SIPP)?
A.small packets and ECC
B.error handling and retries
C.increased bandwidth and performance
D.faster command propagation on inexpensive copper interconnect
070-487 pdf 
QUESTION 58 For which connection, other than the cabinet controller, is the I2C network cable used?
A.external LANs
B.cluster controllers
C.interface management cards
D.Fibre Channel interface controllers
QUESTION 59 Which two are accurate statements? (Choose two.)
A. NBX 100 supports 48 VTLs
B. NBX V5000 supports 48 VTLs
C. NBX V3000 supports 48 VTLs
D. NBX V5000 supports 72 VTLs
070-487 vce Answer: BC
QUESTION 60 Which three office-to-office and/or office-to-remote user call options are supported by the NBX systems? (Choose three.)
A. With a single NBX system at HQ, users can call to/from a remote office across the data network WAN link using Layer 3 IP communications
B. With a NBX Network Call Processor (NCP) and NBX ConneXtions Gateways at each site, users can call to/from the sites via a Virtual Tie Line (VTL)
C. With a single NBX system at HQ and pcXset on the remote office PC, the remote user can call to/from HQ via any WAN link using TCP/IP Layer 4 communications
D. With a NBX Network Call Processor (NCP) at each location, users can call to/from the sites via a Virtual Tie Line (VTL) using IP On-the-Fly or a Standard IP license
E. With a NBX system and NBX ConneXtions Gateways at each location, users can call to/from the sites via a WAN link that supports IP protocol, for example, VPN, T1, E1 and Frame Relay
Answer: ADE
QUESTION 61 Which two are features of the NBX NetSet Administration Utility? (Choose two.)
A. Allows users to sign on with a username of “user” and use their voicemail password for access
B. Is found on 3Com’s NBX systems, as well as, licensed 3rd party Ethernet-based telephony systems
C. Can be accessed through the default IP address of
D. Can be accessed through the default IP address of
E. Allows the administrator to sign on with a username of “administrator” and a password of “0000” for access
070-487 exam Answer: CE
QUESTION 62 Which three are true statements concerning Silence Suppression? (Choose 3.)

A. Enabling Silence Suppression prioritizes voice traffic
B. Can be enabled or disabled for the entire system only
C. Can be enabled or disabled only for individual telephones
D. Enabling Silence Suppression reduces network traffic
E. Can be enabled or disabled for the entire system, or for individual telephones and line card ports
F. A device that detects silence in a conversation will not send any packets to the other device during the period of silence
G. A device that detects silence in conversation sends a small packet with a “silence indicator,”rather than a full packet of “digitized silence”
Answer: DEG
QUESTION 63 How do NBX phones prioritize audio traffic?
A. NBX phones forward all voice packets to IEEE 802.1p aware hubs
B. NBX phones tag voice packets using DiffServ for all LAN communication
C. NBX phones use VLAN-tagged frames with the priority level automatically set to 6
D. NBX phones place audio traffic into a priority queue within the NCP, forwarding all voice traffic before forwarding data packets
70-487 dumps Answer: C
QUESTION 64 Which three are prioritization mechanisms used with the NBX Communication Systems? (Choose three.)
B. Diff Serv
C. IEEE 802.3
D. IEEE 802.1p
E. ANSI 96/RS232
Answer: ABD
QUESTION 65 Which three are maintenance alert features on the NBX system? (Choose three.)
A. Can send alert to voicemail

B. Can send alert to a pager or email
C. Can send alert to 3rd party voice messaging systems
D. Can be configured to send alerts to up to 15 mailboxes
E. Can be configured to send an alert for any physical device failure
F. Maintenance alert function is supported on the NBX 100 Communications System only
070-487 pdf Answer: ABD
QUESTION 66 Which two devices are not supported by an NBX Analog Terminal Card (ATC) or Analog Terminal Adapter (ATA)? (Choose two.)
A. Modem
B. FAX machine
C. Cordless phone
D. Credit card reader
E. External bell or pager
F. Standard telephone that requires a DTMF connection
Answer: AD
QUESTION 67 Which four are features of the NBX Analog Line Card? (Choose four.)
A. An NBX V5000 chassis supports only one Analog Line card at a time
B. The NBX Auto Discover Line Cards function can be used to find newly installed Analog Line Cards
C. In Key System Mode, CO lines connected to an Analog Line Card can be mapped to one or more telephones
D. Its Power Failure Jack provides access to the telephone CO in case of a NBX power failure
E. By default, when a port is mapped to multiple telephones, calls will ring at the lowest extension first, then to the next extension, until the call is
F. In PBX System Mode, CO lines connected to an Analog Line Card are pooled and allocated by the Call Processor for use by any phone for outbound calls

G. In Hybrid Mode, incoming calls go to an Auto Attendant only and CO lines are pooled and allocated by the Call Processor for use by any phone on the system
070-487 vce Answer: BCDF

Cloud Service Consumer A accesses Cloud Service A (1) that resides in Cloud X. a private cloud owned by the same organization acting as Cloud Consumer A. Cloud Service A processes the message from Cloud Service Consumer A and then sends back a response with the requested data (2). Next, Cloud Service Consumer A sends a message containing some of this data to Cloud Service B (3), which resides in public Cloud Y that is owned by Cloud Provider Y. After processing the message. Cloud Service B sends back a response with additional data to Cloud Service Consumer A (4).
 Finally, Cloud Service Consumer A writes the data it collected from Cloud Services A and B to Database A (5). Recently, Cloud Service Consumer A has been required to access Cloud Services A and B at a significantly higher rate, sometimes over 1,000 times within a given workday. This increased usage has not affected Cloud Service B’ s performance. Cloud Service A, however, has been generating runtime exceptions, and responses to Cloud Service Consumer A have become increasingly slow and unreliable. It is determined that this decline in performance is due to infrastructure limitations within private Cloud X’ s environment. Instead of investing in new infrastructure for Cloud X, it is decided to explore the feasibility of moving Cloud Service A to Cloud Y instead. Which of the following statements describe valid financial considerations that can be taken into account for assessing the feasibility of this move?
A. Moving Cloud Service A to Cloud Y will result in the need for Cloud Service A to undergo integration testing to determine how well it can function within Cloud Y and what changes may need to be made to Cloud Service A in order for it to behave as expected. The integration testing and the subsequent changes required for Cloud Service A to function correctly within Cloud Y will incur integration costs that need to be budgeted for.
B. Because, in this scenario, the cost of capital is comprised of the up-front costs added to the on- going costs, the cost of capital required to move Cloud Service A to Cloud Y will be higher than upgrading Cloud X to accommodate Cloud Service A’ s increased usage.
C. If the existing infrastructure that currently resides in private Cloud X was purchased specifically in support of Cloud Service A, then there may be a financial loss resulting frommoving Cloud Service A out of Cloud X. This can be considered sunk costs that need to be evaluated.

D. By moving Cloud Service A to Cloud Y, there may be a decrease in operational governance control over the Cloud Service A implementation. This can increase locked in costs because Cloud Consumer A may be forced to form dependencies upon proprietary tools used to configure and maintain the Cloud Service A implementation.
Answer: A, C, D

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