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Pass4itsure Latest and Most Accurate Cisco 210-260 Dumps Exam Q&As:

1. What is the value of myVar in the following command?
myVar =_capCompoundSound
A.1 if Flash Lite can process compound sound, 0 if it cannot
B.1 if Flash Lite can process compound sound, undefined if it cannot
C.depends on the number of sounds the device can play simultaneously
D.depends on the number of sounds the installed version of Flash Lite can play simultaneously
210-260 exam 
Answer: B
2. Given the pictured device, what labeled keys are unavailable for access from Flash Lite 1.1 content?
A.F, D, E
B.A, C, B
C.E, B, A
D.A, D, E
E.B, F, E
Answer: A
3. When writing code for a “Key Catcher” button, what code snippet would listen for the right-hand soft key on the handset?
A.on(keyPress “<Soft2>”) { }
B.on(keyPress “<Right>”) { }

C.on(keyPress “<PageUp>”) { }
D.on(keyPress “<PageDown>”) { }
210-260 dumps 
Answer: D
4. What results from the following commands?
A.test1.swf is placed on top of test2.swf
B.test2.swf is placed on top of test1.swf
C.test1.swf and test2.swf exist on the same level
D.test1.swf is replaced with test2.swf on the same depth
E.the second loadMovieNum returns a compile time error
Answer: B
5. What is the likely cause of a Flash Lite error 3 – “corrupt SWF data” when attempting to load sample.swf using loadMovieNum?
A.The SWF file contains Flash 4 fscommands

B.The SWF file was published with Flash 4 settings
C.TheSWF file was published as Flash Lite 1.1 content
D.Optimize Flash Lite 1.1 in the Publish settings was used
E.The SWF file was published with Flash 5 or greater settings
F.The SWF file loaded was published as Flash Lite 1.0 content
G.Images cannot be embedded in movies loaded with loadmovienum or loadmovie commands
210-260 pdf 
Answer: E
6. What method CANNOT be used to transfer a Flash Lite 1.1 file to a mobile device, even if the device supports the capability?

Answer: B
7. While in emulator mode, what happens when the content type of a Flash Lite application is switched from “Standalone player” to “Wallpaper” in the device publish settings?
A.stage size changes immediately
B.extra code is added to the ActionScript layer
C.frame rate of the document is adjusted to fit the new content type requirements
D.list of available devices displays the supported devices for the new content type
210-260 vce 
Answer: D
8. What is the best solution to make small text readable on mobile devices?
A.Embedding the font
B.Usage of pixel fonts
C.Setting the textfield rendering property to “Anti-alias for animation”
D.Setting the textfield rendering property to “Bitmap text (no Anti-alias)”
Answer: B
9. What features are supported by Flash Lite 1.1? (Choose THREE)
A.Video playback
B.Bitmap images
C.Flash Remoting
D.Audio streaming
E.Frame-based animation
F.Input and dynamic device text
210-260 exam 
Answer: BEF
10. What is the default frame rate for Flash Lite 1.1 documents?

Answer: B
11. What will the following code return as a final value for the variable totalResult?
B.”11″ C.”101″
D.empty string
210-260 dumps 
Answer: C
12. What is the error message displayed in the output window when the line of code shown is included in
a Flash Lite 1.1 application?
status = fscommand2( “GetNetworkStatus” );
A.must export movie as Flash 5 to use this action
B.currently targeted Flash Player does not use ActionScript 2.0
C.currently targeted Flash Player does not support the fscommand2 action
D.fscommand2 command is not supported in the emulator; test it on the device
Answer: D
13. Can a Flash Lite application play MP3 audio embedded into a SWF file MovieClip?
A.No, Flash Lite supports only MIDI audio format.
B.No, Flash Lite supports only MP4 audio format.
C.Yes, Flash Lite supports any type of audio format.
D.Yes, but only if the mobile phone supports MP3 audio format.
210-260 pdf 
Answer: D
14. When deploying a game for use on Symbian phones with the Flash Lite 1.1 player pre-installed, what freely available tool can be used to create an installer (.sis file)?

Answer: B
15. What file type is used to install games and applications to Symbian handsets?
210-260  vce 
Answer: C
16. Which transmission protocol provides the fastest data transfer rate for Flash Lite?
Answer: D
17. When playing a game written for the Symbian standalone Flash Lite 1.1 player, what happens to the game application when a user receives a call?
B.Automatically pauses until the call is terminated.
C.Carries on playing while the call is in progress.
D.The game restarts when the call is terminated.
210-260 exam 
Answer: B
18. What does the file extension SIS refer to when packaging Flash Lite applications for deployment on a device?
A.Small installation system
B.Small information system
C.Scalable installation system
D.Symbian installation system
E.Symbian information system
F.Scalable information system
Answer: D
19.What is the purpose of the Integrity component of the CIA triad?
A. to ensure that only authorized parties can modify data
B. to determine whether data is relevant
C. to create a process for accessing data
D. to ensure that only authorized parties can view data
210-260 dumps 
Correct Answer: A
20.Which statements about smart tunnels on a Cisco firewall are true? (Choose two.)
A. Smart tunnels can be used by clients that do not have administrator privileges
B. Smart tunnels support all operating systems
C. Smart tunnels offer better performance than port forwarding
D. Smart tunnels require the client to have the application installed locally
Correct Answer: AC
21.What is the FirePOWER impact flag used for?
A. A value that indicates the potential severity of an attack.
B. A value that the administrator assigns to each signature.
C. A value that sets the priority of a signature.
D. A value that measures the application awareness.
210-260 pdf 
Correct Answer: A
22.What are the three layers of a hierarchical network design? (Choose three.)
A. access
B. core
C. distribution
D. user
E. server
F. Internet
Correct Answer: ABC
What is the best way to confirm that AAA authentication is working properly?
A. Use the test aaa command.
B. Ping the NAS to confirm connectivity.
C. Use the Cisco-recommended configuration for AAA authentication.
D. Log into and out of the router, and then check the NAS authentication log.
210-260 vce 
Correct Answer: A

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