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Implementing Cisco Data Center Unified Computing (DCUCI)

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300-175 Exam Questions & Answers
Vendor: Cisco
Certifications: CCNP Data Center
Exam Code: 300-175
Exam Name: Implementing Cisco Data Center Unified Computing
Updated: Nov 05, 2019
Q&As: 416

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Which option describes the possible result of a customer configuring a server pool that contains Cisco UCS B200 M2
and B250 M2 blades?
A. A service profile cannot migrate automatically from one blade to another blade within the server pool due to hardware
B. You must decommission a blade server for the associated service profile to migrate to another blade in the server
pool successfully.
C. You must uncheck the Restrict Migration box in the service profile to allow service profile migration between blades in
the server pool.
D. After service profile migration, the server fails in boot from SAN due to differences in PCI device IDs.
Correct Answer: D

Refer to the exhibit below.

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Which tab do you select to add an APIC account when adding an ACI fabric?
A. Multi-Domain Managers
B. Physical Accounts
C. Managed Network Elements
D. Bare Metal Agents
Correct Answer: A
b_UCS_Director_APIC_Management_Guide_54/ b_UCS_Director_APIC_Management_Guide_54_chapter_011.html
Step 1 On the
menu bar, choose Administration > Physical Accounts.
Step 2 Click the Multi-Domain Managers tab.
Step 3 Click Add.
Step 4 In the Add Account dialog box, choose APIC from the Account Type drop-down list.
Step 5 Click Submit.

What is the Overlay Transport Virtualization site VLAN used for?
A. to allow multiple site AEDs to communicate with each other
B. to detect devices at the site that are not capable of OTV
C. to facilitate communications between OTV edge devices within the site
D. to allow the join interfaces at different sites to communicate
Correct Answer: C

Which two are true with respect to the switching modes on the Cisco Unified Computing System 62XX Fabric
Interconnect? (Choose two.)
A. End-host mode presents a link to a northbound uplink switch as a host trunk with loop detection that is provided by
B. For northbound traffic, server MAC addresses are statically pinned to an uplink; the return path is controlled by the
unified fabric switches.
C. A fabric interconnect port in Ethernet switching mode appears to the uplink switch as a host with many MAC
D. Server-to-server traffic on a common VLAN are locally switched by the fabric interconnect and not the northbound
E. A MAC forwarding table is not used to forward traffic to the uplink switch.
F. A MAC address forwarding table is maintained for server-to-server communications across VLANs.
Correct Answer: DE

Which boot option is recommended for a boot policy because it offers the most service profile mobility within a system?
A. iSCSI boot
B. local disk boot
C. LAN boot
D. SAN boot
Correct Answer: D

Which statement is true regarding backup operations in Cisco UCS Manager?
A. A user can perform incremental backups of a system configuration.
B. Passwords and other sensitive information are encrypted in full state backups.
C. Scheduled backups are not available.
D. Each backup destination can have multiple backup operations.
Correct Answer: C

You are implementing RBAC in Cisco UCS Manager. Which two statements about a locale are true? (Choose two.)
A. A locale without any organizations provides access to all organizations.
B. Each locale defines one to four organizations.
C. A user can be assigned to one or more locales.
D. Each locale defines one or more roles to which the user is allowed access.
E. There is a one-to-one relationship between a user and a locale.
Correct Answer: AC

Which two descriptions of the Call Home feature on a Cisco UCS server are true? (Choose two.)
A. uses Java to generate predefined reports
B. provides an email-based notification for critical system policies
C. provides all the information to administrators, who can open a case with one click
D. delivers alerts to multiple recipients, including Cisco TAC, and generates a case by using Cisco TAC
E. provides a central repository for storing fault data
Correct Answer: BD 39.html

Which drive combination prevents you from provisioning RAID on Cisco UCS C-Series servers?
D. SAS HDD only
E. SATA HDD only
Correct Answer: C

Pass4itsure 300-175 exams questions-q9

Which statement about the Cisco Integrated Management Controller configuration utility for Cisco UCS C- Series
servers is true?
A. To connect to the Cissco Integrated Management Controller GUI, you must use a web browser that supports SSL3
and HTLM5.
B. To connect to the Cissco Integrated Management Controller GUI, you must use a web browser that supports HTTP
and Microsoft Silverlight.
C. While in BIOS, you can configure the Cisco In Management Controller to use a static IP address only.
D. While in BIOS, you can configure the Cisco Integrated Management Controller to use a static IP address or an IP
address from DHCP
E. When the IP address is configured in BIOS, you can point a Web browser to the configured IP address to open the
Cisco Integrated Management Controller GUI.
Correct Answer: D

To provide stronger authentication for Cisco UCS manager, You are installing a third-party certificate from a trusted
point. Which format must the certificate be in?
D. CER (x.509)
Correct Answer: D
Trusted Points
To provide stronger authentication for Cisco UCS Manager, you can obtain and install a third-party certificate from a
trusted source, or trusted point, that affirms the identity of your device. The third- party certificate is signed by the
trusted point, which can be a root certificate authority (CA) or an intermediate CA or trust anchor that is part of a trust
chain that leads to a root CA. To obtain a new certificate, you must generate a certificate request through Cisco UCS
Manager and submit the request to a trusted point.
The certificate must be in Base64 encoded X.509 (CER) format.

You need to implement a Cisco UCS system at a customer site.
Which adapters and operating systems have preprovisioned adapter policies?
A. Ethernet vNICs and Windows. OS X Server, and Oracle Solaris operating systems
B. Fibre Channel vNICs and Windows, FreeBSD, and Linux operating systems
C. Ethernet vNICs and Windows, VMware, and Linux operating systems
D. Fibre Channel vNICs and Windows, Oracle Solaris, and Linux operating systems
Correct Answer: A

Pass4itsure 300-175 exams questions-q12

Fibre Channel are not vNICs. They are vHBAs.
Ethernet are vNICs.
OSX Server is not a predefined policy.


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