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Practice | Cisco Express Collaboration Specialization 700-105 Exam Questions

How many devices are supported by the Cisco BE6000S model?
A. 2500
B. 1000
C. 300
D. 150
Correct Answer: A

Which definition is the best description of collaboration?
A. software and tools that enable teamwork
B. working together remotely
C. video and chat applications running via the Internet
D. people working together to reach a common goal
Correct Answer: A

Which four options are the main areas of Cisco Collaboration? (Choose four)
A. virtual support
B. flexibility
C. conferencing
D. customer collaboration
E. unified communications
F. social software
G. collaboration endpoints
H. voicemail
Correct Answer: BCEG

Which description of the Cisco Collaboration architecture is true\\’?
A. a flexible network framework designed to enable integration with the collaboration requirements of the customer
B. a flexible collaboration framework designed to support any customer and any user collaboration needs
C. a collaboration framework designed to support the collaboration needs of a typical large enterprise
D. a collaboration framework designed to integrate the existing customer collaboration functionalities with Cisco network
Correct Answer: A

Which three operational benefits are provided by Cisco Business Edition 6000? (Choose three.)
A. support for multiple management platforms
B. faster end-user adoption through collaboration process templates
C. faster updates through smaller software packages
D. reduced implementation risk through reference architectures and validated designs
E. better user experience based on end-to-end architectural approach
F. faster solution implementation due to preloaded and preconfigured collaboration applications
Correct Answer: BEF

Which way for customers to engage is preferred?
A. contact center
B. web
C. email
D. anywhere, anytime, any device using multiple communication channels
E. Cisco Telepresence
Correct Answer: D

Which two operational benefits are provided by Cisco Business Edition 6000 virtualization? (Choose two.)
A. reduced risk because each application runs on a separate physical server
B. reduced costs through integrated management and a scalable platform
C. time savings through easy platform management
D. support for multiple management platforms
E. reduced costs through support for traditional TDM-based voice systems
Correct Answer: BC

Which two statements about Cisco Validated Designs and Smart Business Architectures are true? (Choose two.)
A. Cisco Validated Designs provide proven design of solutions that include only Cisco products and thus ensure singlevendor solutions.
B. Cisco Validated Designs are end-to-end designs that are well-tested and fully documented.
C. Smart Business Architecture guides are available for enterprise-sized deployments only.
D. Smart Business Architecture is a blueprint for delivering the three Cisco architectures in a modular approach.
Correct Answer: BD

Which Cisco online resource provides partners with the most comprehensive set of Cisco BE6000 sales materials that
are aligned to the sales cycle?
A. Cisco Selling Collab Portal
B. Cisco Business Edition 6000 Product home page
C. Cisco Promotions and Incentive
D. Cisco BE6000 Partner Sales Guide
Correct Answer: A

Which licensing option gives the customer the highest value and best option to grow?
A. Cisco UWL Enterprise
B. Cisco UWL Standard
C. Cisco UCL Professional
D. Cisco UWL Professional
Correct Answer: D

Which statement describes the key function provided by Cisco Spark?
A. Cisco Spark makes it easier to find experts in your organization.
B. Cisco Spark simplifies teamwork by sharing messages and files, and it lets you meet with different teams, all in one
C. Cisco Spark is available on-premises and in the cloud.
D. Cisco Spark can be integrated with Microsoft Lync.
Correct Answer: B

Which statement allows you to position the topic of collaboration meeting rooms with the customer?
A. Cisco Collaboration Meeting Rooms is a validated design that defines the layout design, and technical requirements
of Cisco Telepresence Video rooms.
B. Cisco Collaboration Meeting Rooms is a video conferencing service. It couples WebEx Personal Rooms and the
cloud-based WebEx Video Bridge into one, always-available meeting experience.
C. Cisco Collaboration Meeting Rooms represent the video capabilities of Cisco Business Edition 6000 that enable
video from any device.
D. Cisco Collaboration Meeting Rooms is an on-premises service offering video to the enterprise across mobile,
desktop, and room-based systems.
Correct Answer: B

Which two business impacts do Cisco collaborative technologies bring to employee innovation? (Choose two.)
A. eliminating complexity and controlling costs
B. increasing time to market
C. enabling disparate teams to work together to solve problems
D. eliminating sales cycle time
E. enhancing communications with strategic partners and suppliers
Correct Answer: AE

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