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What do I need to master for the Specialist – Implementation Engineer PowerMax and VMAX Family Solutions Version 1.0 exam?

Listed below you must know.

Exam Code: DES-1121
Exam Name: Implementation Engineer –Specialist, PowerMax and VMAX Family Solutions Exam
Number of Questions: 60 Questions
Duration: 90 Minutes
Pass Score: 63
Exam Topics:
PowerMax and VMAX Family Local and Remote Replication (9%)
PowerMax and VMAX Family Business Continuity Administration (26%)
PowerMax and VMAX Family Configuration Administration (41%)
Solutions Enabler Implementation (7%)
Non-Disruptive Migration to PowerMax and VMAX Family (9%)
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[Updated 2022.7]: DES-1121 exam dumps exam questions


What would the RDF device and Link states be after an SRDF Update operation?

A. R1=WD Link=RW. R2=RW
B. R1=RW Link=NR. R2=RW
C. R1=WD Link=NR R2=RW
D. R1=RW Link=RW; R2=WD

Correct Answer: D


When setting the TimeFinder SnapVX time-to-live with the symsnapvx command and the – delta 2 4 parameters, what does the delta parameter specify?

A. Minutes
B. Hours
C. Days
D. Weeks

Correct Answer: C


A systems administrator is performing a configuration change on a PowerMax array. Where does the configuration manager perform the change?

A. Host which performs the change
C. Disk drives

Correct Answer: B


What is the correct sequence of steps to obtain PowerMax licenses and ensure the PowerMax is configured to allow the licensed features to work properly?


What are the main options used to complete a configuration change using the synconfigure command?

A. preview, prepare, commit
B. preview, prepare, reserve
C. preview query, reserve
D. preview query, commit

Correct Answer: A


What is the maximum number of systems controlled by Unisphere 360?

A. 64
B. 100
C. 128
D. 200

Correct Answer: D


Which Open Replicator device type resides on the array running Open Replicator?

A. Donor
B. Local
C. Control
D. Remote

Correct Answer: C


A. Balanced
B. Never
C. On Failure
D. Always

Correct Answer: B


An RDF group on a VMAX3 array is being replicated in SRDF/A mode to a remote VMAX3 array To accommodate application growth a new R1 device needs to be added to the RDF group SRDF/A consistency of the existing devices in the RDF group should be maintained when the new device is added.

What is the correct sequence of steps for adding the new R1 device and making it available for application use?


What does a service level define*?

A. Expected average throughput for a Storage Group
B. Expected average response time target for a Storage Group
C. Expected average response time target for a disk group
D. Expected average throughput for a disk group

Correct Answer: B


A systems administrator wants to know how to convert SRDF ports back to FA ports on their PowerMax array What information should be provided\’?

A. A Simplified SymmWin script must be run from the PowerMax MMCS
B. Change can only be completed using Solutions Enabler or an upgraded bin file
C. Make the change using Solutions Enabler or Unisphere for PowerMax
D. Array will require an upgraded bin file to complete the change

Correct Answer: C


Refer to the Exhibit.

Which service levels are available for CKD devices\\’?

A. Service levels are not used
B. All service levels
C. Diamond, Bronze, and Optimized only
D. Diamond and Platinum only

Correct Answer: A


What takes place during an SRDF Establish operation?

A. Changes made to the R1 are propagated to the R2. Changes made to the R2 are discarded
B. Enables access to both the R1 and R2 devices on the hosts
C. Changes made to the R2 are propagated to the R1 Changes made to the R1 are discarded.
D. Resumes normal SRDF mirroring and host access

Correct Answer: B

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