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300-375 Exam Questions & Answers
Vendor: Cisco
Certifications: CCNP Wireless
Exam Code: 300-375
Exam Name: Securing Wireless Enterprise Networks
Updated: Oct 21, 2019
Q&As: 125
pass4itsure 300-375-Exam

An engineer has configured the wireless controller to authenticate clients on the employee SSID against Microsoft
Active Directory using PEAP authentication. Which protocol does the controller use to communicate with the
authentication server?
C. 802.1X
Correct Answer: D
Define the Layer 2 Authentication as WPA2 so that the clients perform EAP-based authentication (PEAP-MS-CHAP v2
in this example) and use the advanced encryption standard (AES) as the encryption mechanism. Leave all other values
at their defaults. nps-wlcconfig-000.html

Refer to the exhibit.

Pass4itsure 300-375 exams questions-q1

A customer is having problems with clients associating to the wireless network. Based on the configuration, which option
describes the most likely cause of the issue?
A. Both AES and TKIP must be enabled.
B. SA Query Timeout is set too low.
C. Comeback timer is set too low.
D. PMF is set to “required”.
E. MAC Filtering must be enabled.
Correct Answer: E

When you configure BYOD access to the network, you face increased security risks and challenges. Which challenge is
resolved by deploying digital client certificates?
A. managing the increase in connected devices
B. ensuring wireless LAN performance and reliability
C. providing device choice and support
D. enforcing company usage policies
Correct Answer: D
Explanation: Deploying digital certificates to endpoint devices requires a network infrastructure that provides the security
and flexibility to enforce different security policies, regardless of where the connection originates. This solution focuses
on providing digital certificate enrollment and provisioning while enforcing different permission levels.

Which EAP method can an AP use to authenticate to the wired network?
Correct Answer: C

When a network engineer plans to implement the client MFP, which three settings should be supported by the client?
(Choose three.)
A. Cisco Compatible Extensions v5
B. Short Preamble check box
D. WPA2 with TKIP
E. WPA with TKIP
F. WPA2 with AES
Correct Answer: ADF

An engineer is configuring a wireless network for local FlexConnect authentication. What three configurations are
required for the WLC with WLAN 1 and AP Cisco? (Choose three.)
A. config wlan flexconnect ap-auth 1 enable
B. config ap flexconnect vlan enable Cisco
C. config wlan flexconnect local-switching 1 enable
D. config ap flexconnect vlan wlan 1 Cisco
E. confog wlan flexconnect vlan-central-switching 1 enable
F. config ap mode flexconnect Cisco
Correct Answer: CDF

A wireless engineer wants to view how many wIPS alerts have been detected in Cisco Prime. Which lab does the
engineer select in the wireless dashboard?
A. Security
B. Context Aware
C. Mesh
D. CleanAir
Correct Answer: A
Security Index, including the top security issues Adaptive WIPS Rogue classification graph Rogue containment graph
Attacks detected Malicious, unclassified, friendly, and custom rogue APs CleanAir security Adhoc rogues Security

An engineer is deploying EAP-TLS as the authentication mechanism for an 802.1X-enabled wireless network. Which
network device is responsible for applying the digital signature to a certificate to ensure that the certificate is trusted and
A. supplicant
B. CA server
C. wireless controller
D. authentication server
Correct Answer: B
In cryptography, a certificate authority or certification authority (CA) is an entity that issues digital certificates. A digital
certificate certifies the ownership of a public key by the named subject of the certificate. This allows others (relying
parties) to rely upon signatures or on assertions made about the private key that corresponds to the certified public key.
In this model of trust relationships, a CA is a trusted third party–trusted both by the subject (owner) of the certificate and
by the party relying upon the certificate.

An engineer is trying to determine if an existing configuration deviates from the Cisco defaults while enabling PMF on a
WLAN. Which set represents the default timer configuration for PMF?
A. security pmf association-comeback 1 security pmf mandatory security pmf saquery-retry-time 100
B. security pmf association-comeback 20 security pmf mandatory security pmf saquery-retry-time
C. security pmf association-comeback 15 security pmf mandatory security pmf saquery-retry-time
D. security pmf association-comeback 1 security pmf mandatory security pmf saquery-retry-time 200
Correct Answer: D

Which option describes the purpose of configuring switch peer groups?
A. enforces RF profiles
B. enables location services
C. restricts roaming traffic to certain switches
D. allows template based configuration changes
Correct Answer: C

An engineer must change the wireless authentication from WPA2-Personal to WPA2-Enterprise. Which three
requirements are necessary? (Choose three.)
B. 802.1X
D. pre-shared key
E. 802.11u
F. fast secure roaming
G. 802.11i
Correct Answer: ACG
Difference between WPA called Personal and Enterprise is the authentication method:
Personal WPA relies on a PSK secret (Pre-Shared Key), and you don\\’t need an external server to perform
Enterprise WPA (as defined in the 802.11i standard) uses WPA2 with AES-CCM encryption, and authentication is
based on 802.1x/EAP using the RADIUS protocol.

An engineer ran the PCI report in Cisco Prime Infrastructure and received a warning on PCIDSS Requirement 2.1.1 that
the SNMP strings are set to default and must be changed.
Which tab in the Cisco WLC can the engineer use to navigate to these settings?
A. Management
B. Security
C. Controller
D. Wireless
Correct Answer: A

An engineer is designing a high availability wireless network. What mechanism should be the focus for high availability?
B. channel reuse
D. cell overlap
Correct Answer: B
Describe basic RF deployment considerations related to site survey design of data or VoWLAN applications, common
RF interference sources such as devices, building material, AP location, and basic RF site survey design related to
channel reuse, signal strength, and cell overlap

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